Overview of the Issues

Lots of people talk about food, but there’s not much discussion on how the law affects our food system. Let’s change that. This website, Righting Food, focuses on four main issues:

Food and the Law: Laws help shape our global food system. At all levels – international, regional, national, and local – laws can influence our access to food. The intersection of food and the law raises many interesting issues, including the potential of using the law to further food justice goals. Read more about food and the law here, or check out relevant blog posts here.

The Right to Food: The international community has determined that the right to food is a basic human right. At its core, the right to food means that people must be able to either grow their own food or to earn a livelihood that allows them to buy food. Governments that have acknowledged this right have three types of obligations:  they must respect, protect, and fulfill the right to food. Read more about the right to food here, or check out relevant blog posts here.

Foodworkers’ Rights: Workers are essential to our global food system, but they have some of the toughest jobs in the world. Agricultural labor is dangerous, poorly paid, and often exploitative. And that’s just the beginning. From slaughterhouses to restaurants, workers in the food system face a range of difficult working conditions and labor rights abuses. Although international law requires that governments protect certain labor rights, many countries are unable or unwilling to do so effectively. Read more about foodworkers’ rights here, or check out relevant blog posts here.

Agribusiness: Transnational corporations wield immense power over the global food system. They influence what food we grow and buy, as well as how we use our productive resources. Large corporations aggressively use the law to promote their interests. But they’re not the only ones using the law. Governments use laws to regulate corporations, while activists can turn to the law to fight against abuses by corporations. Read more about agribusiness here, or check out relevant blog posts here.