But What IS the Right to Food?

On this site, I’ve explained briefly what the right to food is and what it is not. (Hint: it’s grounded in international law and creates governmental obligations, but it’s not the right to be fed.) Yet I’m occasionally asked to provide more details about the right to food:  its definition, its origins, and its usefulness.

If you’d like a more detailed explanation of the right to food, check out Fighting for Food, two blog posts that I recently wrote for WhyHunger. In part one, I define the right to food, explain its roots in international law, and describe how it can have a direct impact on food security. In part two, I look at some of the more indirect ways that the right to food influences food security, exploring in particular the areas of trade law and land rights.

And if you’re looking for some info on the right to food in French, today’s your lucky day. I recently took a short hiatus from Righting Food to immerse myself in French. For fun, I’ve put together a short summary of the right to food in French. Find it here.

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